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CEMBOX met tout en œuvre pour répondre à vos questions techniques et commerciales.
Dans le cadre de la mise en place d’une plateforme de sédimentation un rendez-vous téléphonique vous sera proposé afin de définir une éventuelle expertise sur site.

We will answer your technical and commercial questions as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to send us a message via our contact form or by e-mail.

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Do you want to set up a custom plant to treat waste at your concrete production site?

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  • CEMBOX, the waste concrete treatment

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    CEMBOX, the waste concrete treatment

    There are many advantages to allowing excess concrete to harden and then crush. This eliminates the use of settling tanks or washing equipment and thus avoids the risk of discharge of sludge and polluting water into the natural environment.
    Economically the gain is significant, no sludge disposal costs, deposit of quality eco aggregates for the manufacture of new concretes and a significant gain of admixtures usually related to the reintroduction of water loaded in the formulation.
  • CEMBOX, safety first

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    CEMBOX, safety first

    The patented system guarantees the detachment of the block before emptying. No special action is required by the driver and there is no pressure circuit. The operation of the peel tool is mechanical, automatic and self-cleaning. Now it moves away from the front as soon as the container is empty, which allows spraying the release oil without muscular effort.

    The bottom of the container is made of 6 mm anti-abrasion sheet of one piece with reinforcing support crossbars. This guarantees its flatness over time. In addition, the very flared and rounded shape of the container allows a low inclination of emptying to avoid jerking and overturning of the truck.

    The banks of the CEMBOX are tilted towards the inside of the container to recover any pieces of hardened concrete that can peel off during transport. The sealing of the double doors allows to contain the laitance of the concretes as well as the anhydrite screed. The low deformation of these double doors ensures their tightness over time, which limits the risk of slipping around the container.

  • CEMBOX, essential on site

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    CEMBOX, essential on site

    The presence of a CEMBOX on site guarantees the traceability of excess concrete from the site and their recycling. In the case of construction site equipped with crane it allows the reception of the ends of pouring without taking risk of reloading in the router of the bottom of concrete bucket. A CEMBOX can receive the remains of fresh concrete but also concrete rubble from the site.
  • CEMBOX at your service

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    CEMBOX at your service

    Depending on your needs we will advise you in your choice of the volume of your future CEMBOX and send you quotes. We connect user companies with companies that rent CEMBOX, transport companies or those that value this deposit. We provide advice on the use of containers and respond to any technical requests related to the use of CEMBOX.
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